John Bagley

John Bagley
Assemblage • Mixed Media • Collage

John is a self taught mixed media, assemblage artist residing in Upland California, originally from Upstate New York. His art process is never planned, it develops along the way.

A found object usually inspires him and a art piece is born. He works in many mediums including, mixed media, collage and painting, he loves texture, color and form. In the past few years he has focused on assemblage art and sculpture, it feels very natural for him and gives him the opportunity to use all of his mediums in his creation.


John has always loved nature and history.  As a child he would often hunt for discarded objects collecting them and create art from them. The majority of  his art pieces include vintage found objects, which allows him to recycle objects every opportunity he can.  In his art discarded objects are transformed and reassembled  into a art piece that tells a story.  He enjoy expressing himself in every piece, each piece a unique one of kind piece of art.

John hopes to evoke emotion from his art, since there is something in each piece that most people can relate to. Bringing the past in the present and reconstructing an original piece of art is his focus.

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