Jerius Williams

Jerius Williams

Jerius began his journey at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. His Dad moved the family to California while he was a young child in search of work in the aerospace industry and he has spent most of his life along the Pacific Coast of Southern California.

Jerius spent nearly four decades feeding his left brain and family in private and public water system design as well as side jobs utilizing graphic design skills and photography.  Now retired, he is now blessed to concentrate full time on his photography and art.

His interest in photography awakened over three decades ago to capture the youthful exploits of his son and daughter.  After forays into portraiture, wedding, model and sports photography, Jerius found images of nature to be the most compelling.

His greatest reward is that he must be in nature to capture images of nature. While primarily self taught, Jerius honed his skills in photography classes, gaining insight, technique and inspiration by studying classic images, interacting with other shooters, dissecting images that worked and learning from those that did not.

Jerius consider his images to be fragments of time and captured moments when the beauty of light, shape, color and shadow exist in balance.  Some images express the profound beauty of nature and some the inspirations of humankind.  While others express various idiosyncrasies of life or just a detail that caught his attention. Jerius believes that art has a quiet voice that can be heard when the spirit is open.  Hopefully, his art will speak to you.  If it does, wonderful … enjoy.

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